luni, 27 septembrie 2010

Dark red

Toamna: nori intunecati si amintirea zilelor lenese de vara. Negru si rosu. Galben si gri. Iarna si vara. nevoia de culoare. Rosul imi acopera sufletul si il incalzaste pentru primavara urmatoare. Ma tine vie. Toamna este rosu inchis.

Doua seturi cu acelasi model de petale. Le-am postat deodata deoarece se pot combina dupa cum va place. Lut polimeric lucrat manual.

Autumn: dark clouds and memories of lazy summer days. Black and red. Yellow and grey. Winter and summer. Dark red. Need of color. The red covers my soul keeping it warm for the next spring. Keeping me alive. Autumn is dark red.

Two sets with the same petal pattern. Posted together because they can be combined any way you like to. Handcrafted polymer clay

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